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Monster Pays "Tribute" to Miles Davis
January 21, 2010

Monster partners with Miles Davis' family to launch Tribute earbuds.  We talk to Head Monster Noel Lee, as well as Miles' son, Erin Davis and Miles' nephew, Vince Wilburn, Jr.  Plus, new cables and remotes.

The LightSpeaker from Klipsch
January 13, 2010

Klipsch unveils a new LED-light-and-speaker-in-one system that screws in as easy as a lightbulb.

Sharper Image at CES
January 12, 2010

Sharper Image releases a slew of new products at 2010 CES.  Here are some highlights.

The Angle: Learn How to Sell Sonos’s S5
December 1, 2009

Welcome to The Angle, the program that helps sales people sell more new products and increase their overall tickets. In this week’s show, Jeff O’Heir visits with Sonos’s Deanna Wasson to find the angles sales associates need to effectively sell the company’s new ZonePlayer S5.

Bluetooth iPod Dock
January 14, 2009

Check out Marantz's new IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod which can transmit audio via Bluetooth. You can even send music to it from a Blackberry.

Digital Downtown
June 17, 2008

The sights, sounds and people that made the inaugural edition of this new consumer electronics showcase a hit.

Back That Vinyl Up
January 18, 2008

Audio-Technica presents a USB turntable and new noise-cancellation headphones. Produced by The CE Channel at CES. For more video from the CE Channel, click here.