Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off on Monday with a borderline overwhelming amount of news. Those of us who tuned in to the live stream got an inside look at the exciting new Mac Pro, iOS 13, MacOS Catalina, iPadOS, Apple Watch updates and much much more.

One of the biggest announcements was the completely redesigned and customizable Mac Pro. It’s a beast. But really only makes sense in a film or music studio. And with a total price hovering around $12K, it’s likely not something that’s within reason for most of us. Still, the new Extremely Dynamic Range display which is comparable to those triple its cost is pretty to look at.

Next up, we have iOS 13 equipped with a magnitude of new details. To name a few we’ve got total dark mode, swipeable texting, more personalized Memojis, detailed maps, better photo organization and a more natural sounding Siri. Apple also revealed that iPads will no longer be running on iOS because they’ve finally got their very moment in the spotlight with the new iPadOS. The versatile devices will gain mouse and thumb drive support, desktop-like Safari functionality, new keyboard shortcuts, and more.

They also didn’t forget to hit on wearables during the keynote. Apple Watch and Watch OS 6 got some much needed updates as well. With the new Apple Watch app store you can browse, purchase and install apps directly from your wrist.

In the midst of all these exciting announcements, Apple also made sure to emphasize the utmost level of privacy that went into each of the new releases. From securing health data on the watchOS, to “Sign in with Apple” replacing Google and Facebook options, to HomeKit Secure Video providing more private video surveillance, Apple really made sure to push the fact that they’re “not like the other guys.”

But despite introducing lots of new exciting stuff, Apple also mentioned one piece of their history that will be going away, that being iTunes. MacOS Catalina will be forgoing iTunes in favor of Apple’s music, podcast, and TV apps. The platform had an 18-year run but has been pushed aside by streaming services in recent years. Rest assured, all previous purchases and libraries will be maintained in each new app, and devices will now be managed in the sidebar of Finder.

For everyone anxious to get their hands on all these new upgrades, Apple announced that everything is available in beta now, and will officially be ready for consumers in the fall, so stay tuned.

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