Holy IFA.

So, we’re literally just about fresh off of the plane home from Berlin and still a little jet lagged. But there’s a ton to talk about with everything that we saw and experienced at IFA 2019.

We have an enormous amount of new product news and coverage on these pages, which you should absolutely check out. Things like TCL launching their first-ever
smartphone, LG’s Dual Screen G8X ThinQ, the PowerWatch smartwatch that charges using your body heat, Lenovo’s 5 new laptops, some 8K TV launches, and more.

But where I want to focus the attention today is on a keynote that may be one of the most influential and inspirational talks I’ve ever heard at a consumer technology conference.

The final IFA 2019 keynote, delivered on Saturday afternoon by Arçelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, is by far one of the biggest highlights to come out of IFA 2019. Perhaps an unknown name on its own, Arçelik is the holding company for some of the biggest home appliance brands in the world, including Beko, Blomberg, Grundig, Defy, and Dawlance, They also produce some of name-brand appliances in the Turkish market.

Whatever your level of familiarity with any of those brands, Arçelik is a name that everyone in the appliances industry and wider consumer tech market needs to learn and remember. When we someday talk about where the conversation changed around the impact appliances have on the environment and overall health of Mother Earth, we’ll be able to point to Arçelik—and perhaps even more specifically to this keynote at IFA 2019.

It was on stage here in Berlin that Bulgurlu brought to the global audience’s attention just how dire the global climate crisis is, and, more specifically, the ways in which Arçelik is doing its part and working to correct the immense problem we all face. Arçelik operates on a mission statement that reads simply “Respecting the World. Respected Worldwide.” In living out that mission, Bulgurlu and the company have decided to put words into action by developing not only products themselves that are sustainable, but manufacturing processes and supply chain relationships that reflect those same principles.

To that end, Burlgurlu noted that the company’s recently opened Romanian production plant has been  designated as a “lighthouse” facility  by the World Economic Forum. That designation highlights the facility is an example of what sustainable, efficient production facilities ought to look like. And on the consumer-ready side of things, Arçelik has a solar powered refrigerator, they’re using recycled plastics and food compost to build appliances, and they just launched a washing machine that can filter out 90 percent of the microfiber plastics that fall off of our clothes in a given washing cycle.

“We’re keen to work with any stakeholders … to further this technology,” Bulgurlu said. That means opening the filtration system up to other manufacturers so they can employ it in their own products, and research organizations so they can continue to develop and improve the technology.

Bottom line: Watching Arçelik’s vision and mission take shape on the IFA Keynote stage was easily one of the most inspirational things I’ve experienced at any IFA I’ve ever been to.

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