Let’s face it. We haven’t really been that nice to the virtual reality space on here have we? In actual reality, the technology has struggled to gain a real foothold on the consumer space, and it’s still searching for that solid pitch as to why it’s a must-own kind of technology.

But, on the commercial and professional side of things, VR is thriving.

We’ve seen buying groups in this space invest in the technology and try to help their members leverage VR to improve their own offerings and client experiences.

One of the brands really helping to prove VR’s worth—especially with integrators like yourself—is Modus VR. This week, the team over there helped share the story of one Utah-based integrator, Argenta, who's been able to use their platform to completely revolutionize the way that they sell home theater packages.

Using Modus, Argenta has been able to create high-definition, customizable home theater demos for potential clients, allowing them to see what a finished home theater would look like in their space without a single nail being hammered into place.

The pitch for a platform like this is simple: it’s a time saver and a money saver. Brad Larkin, a co-owner at Argenta, explained that he and his team are able to develop a complete virtual representation of the client’s home theater in as little as 20 minutes—and that includes adding in all of the components, the finishes, and the furniture, ensuring the client has a realistic VR demo. Again. That’s without lifting a single hammer.

The platform goes beyond a visual representation, though. With Modus VR, Argenta can do an acoustical analysis of the space to help determine how to best set up the room for a completely optimized listening experience—everything from speaker position, to seating arrangement, and more.

According to Larkin, about 60 percent of his clients now use a VR demo in their home theater consultation process. And that number has continued to trend up in the year since they began using the Modus VR platform.

So the pitch for VR may be a tough one for the consumer. But as a business owner and an integrator, VR certainly has some very real business implications and it ought to be on everyone’s mind. Beyond the cost and time savings to you, it creates that “wow” sort of experience for the client, which could be the difference between deciding to invest tens of thousands of dollars with you, or not.

So, are you using VR in your business? Think it’s a total waste of time? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our full coverage over on Dealerscope.

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