Let’s talk about the connected home for a second.  Some of the latest data on the market for connected home devices has shown that the space will hit $490 billion by the end of this year, which would represent growth of more than 50 percent year over year.

That said, as the Nationwide Marketing Group pointed out at its recent PrimeTime show, consumers—more than half of them—are scared to death to install their first connected home product. Here’s the kicker, though. Once they do bring that first connected home product online in their homes, 42 percent come back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths, and so on.

It’s clear, of course, that the connected home is a booming space. But for it to really reach its potential, there’s still a heck of a lot of consumer education that needs to happen.

Thankfully—it is happening.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen some incredible examples of smart home education materialize at different shows we’ve been to. And there will be even more happening in the next two weeks ahead.

Starting right at Nationwide’s New Orleans PrimeTime show, the buying group put together a mini neighborhood of sorts right on the show floor. There, side by side, Nationwide propped up its brand new Tiny Smart Home right next to another Tiny Home that we’ve previously crossed paths with from Control4. The miniature mobile motorcade provided attendees with an exceptional look at just how impactful a real smart home demonstration can be. While larger retail outfits may find endcap displays efficient enough in their stores, there’s something to be said for walking through an actual functioning smart home.

We’ve detailed the Control4 tiny home, but in Nationwide’s efforts, they put together a 370-square-foot mobile home that features complete voice automation, a kitchen with full-sized built-in appliances, a full bathroom, an incredible sound system, security controls, and more. Similar to Control4’s home, Nationwide will be able to take their tiny home on the road to members’ stores to help promote this booming connected home market while educating consumers on the possibilities of the space.

Looking ahead, we’ve got two shows ahead of us in the next week that will put the smart home front and center: IFA 2019 in Berlin, and CEDIA 2019 in Denver. Both shows will give key players in the connected home market a massive stage to display their latest innovations. At CEDIA, we’ll again see the Control4 tiny home, but there will also be strong displays around design integration, in-home wellness, and more. And at IFA, we expect to hear from the biggest names in tech—Sony, Samsung, LG, and more—who will present their concepts and ideas for what a smart home and smart world looks like.

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