In a move that flew well under the radar last week, Samsung decided to cut $30,000 off the top of their 98-inch 8K QLED TV. The 8K TV was originally set at $100,000, but a Samsung representative told CNET that this was their “introductory” price and that the whole plan was to drop it down in April.

Well thanks to the power of Internet, we were able to pinpoint the exact date that the price change happened, and that was April 29; one day before the end of the month and five days after Sony announced that their 98-inch 8K TV would cost, you guess it, $70,000.

Now we’ve seen countless price drops before, like the Apple HomePod for example which fell $50 last month, but none that even come close to hovering near $30,000. It doesn’t seem like Samsung has any plans to fess up about it, but it’s pretty clear that this was a price match.

And while a lot of people are pointing at Samsung for overcharging, it’s starting to make me wonder if Sony was waiting them out this whole time. Maybe I’m speculating a bit here but the whole situation just seems fishy.

Samsung also has a pretty big decision to make now about what to do with those who purchased the TV before the price drop. Will they receive $30,000 refunds or will they be hung out to dry?

Either way, it’s not a good look for Samsung. But really, they’re dealing with some far worse issues at the moment like a quarter 1 plummet of 60 percent, and the mess that is the foldable phones so this is probably the least of their worries at this point.

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