The holiday season might be over, but for those of us in the consumer electronics space, the best time of year is just beginning. The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is kicking off in just a few days, and as usual, there’s a lot to be excited about. The Consumer Technology Association prepared a diverse lineup of speakers across several companies that often made headlines in 2019, the first of those being Samsung.

If we remember back to the Spring of last year, Samsung was having a pretty rough go at it. The Galaxy Fold flopped, the company experienced a massive data leak, and their Q1 earnings dropped 60 percent. But somehow they always seem to bounce back and dammit if they aren’t clever. In this kickoff to CES keynote, Kim will discuss Samsung’s vision for revolutionizing the consumer lifestyle which he ultimately hopes will lead to positive changes in society.

We’ve also go Ivanka Trump on the lineup who will be discussing ways the administration plans to invest in reskilling workers for jobs created by tech innovations. NBCUniversal will dive into future innovations in the entertainment market with help from panelists Terry Crews, Mandy Moore, Ester Dean, and Kate Del Castillo. Other topics that will be covered throughout the event will be 5G, Smart Cities, AI, e-sports, sustainability, and much more packed into just a few days.

And I didn’t even get into the products yet.

Obviously there’s far too many to name but a few that stand out are the Samsung and LG refrigerators that can identify foods using artificial intelligence. There’s also no short of audio products including Audio-Technica’s new gaming headsets, the Klipsch x McLaren headphone collection, and LG’s expanded soundbar lineup with Meridian Audio. We can also expect an update on Filmmaker Mode, which will eliminate motion smoothing and detail enhancement for a more authentic viewing experience. And, we’ll catch a glimpse of the always-exciting Last Gadget Standing showdown and vote on our favorites at the show or online.

The Dealerscope team will be on site at CES, so if you see any of us wandering around, be sure to say hello. Also, stay tuned for additional CES coverage on Dealerscope and our social media channels because even though we think we know what to expect, CES always seems to have some surprises up their sleeve.

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