Our editors discuss their upcoming cover story on the impact that Amazon has had on retailers around the world. Week in Review is sponsored by New Age Electronics.
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  • HuffDaddy

    The fact that Amazon has all of the politicians in their hip pocket with respect to the criminal sales tax exempt laws sure does not hurt them. A $5000.00 TV costs a customer $5362.50 in my store but on amazon it is $5000 even. Who would want to pay that $362.50? What off-sets this missing sales tax revenue for our Country? This adds up to Billions of dollars. Not Millions but Billions of dollars in lost revenues for the Cities, counties and states. How and why do the money hungry politicians allow this to go on? The answer is simple. Amazon and other large on-line merchants bribe the crooked politicians into keeping this criminal system in place. Who is going to complain? All the low budget consumers who are saving money? No, just tired old retail guys like me who are getting kicked in the teeth by a crooked, rigged system.